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--Zero Project--

Project Details: In the 20XX the original Megaman battles against Dr. Wily who wants to rule the world Wily loses to Megaman time and time again. In an effort to defeat Megaman, Wily decided to study Megaman's design to create a silimar robot capable of matching his power. Wily then created a new type of energy called "Bassnium" purely by accident. The robot that Wily created with this was "Bass". Even with his great power, Bass failed to defeat Megaman. Learning from the accidental creation of Bass, Wily then began a project to create the strongest robot in the world. This project was the creation of Zero. To ensure that the robot he was spending many years on would turn out to be successful he planned to combine it with the Zero Virus. The actual time it took to finish the project are currently unknown, but it was finished by the time that Dr. Lights last creation, "X", was found and awaken. When Zero was discovered he proved too much for those who encountered him. Due to a malfunction Sigma was able to defeat Zero. While infected with the virus Zero's power is greatly enhanced, his personally changes, he gives off the same energy readings he normally gives off without it, and he doesn't give off a Maverick reading! Without the virus Zero is still a very powerful robot with excellent fighting skills. Although it is unclear how, Dr. Wily seems to be controling and watching Zero's fate from behind the scenes, possibly through holograms similar to Dr. Light's if not something else....

Data Sources: Zero's creation has been hinted at for awhile until Megaman X4 was released. When people saw Dr. Wily's shadow and logo in his nightmares not many people were surprised. Actual details about Zero's creation were given in Bass's ending in the arcade game "Megaman 2: The Power Fighters". The first hint that Wily had actually begun to create Zero was in Bass's ending in the arcade game "Megaman: The Power Battles". Wily seems to enjoy telling Bass how he's building a super robot able to kill him and Megaman after Bass beats him. Details on the virus which are part of Zero are explained somewhat in Megaman X5 and manipulated by Gate in Megamn X6.

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