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Got a new layout from Nako-chan(and modified it abit hehe), and made some changes on a few pages. Also, one midi was added(Vanishing Gungaroo's stage). Oh yeah, almost forgot, I got a new site button from Nako-chan too

Just a quick affiliate addition for today, added Risen from Falling, a Forte.EXE shrine, to my affiliates

Affiliates has been updated. My friend Mary has let me affiliate with her Axl Shrine, Code Crush ^_^ I also readded Megaman Inc to the affiliate list. I also added a new animated sprite comic called "True Power"(yeah, it's been a LONG time since I made one)

Site has been restored! OMG! Sorry, I haven't been making any changes yet what with school and work and all. I'll see if I can get around to making a change or too soon. I did correct the Sprites Inc url in the links page and added a link to Wolf Pack Productions who bring you such hits as Rockman EXE with subtitles and Rockman EXE Axess

It's been awhile hasn't it? Megaman X7 section has been filled out and the screenshot of it have been replaced with ones I took myself. Three midis have been added, and 3 character art images added. Name list has also been updated with MMX7 and MMZ2 boss names.

About me section has been made, and the blog and eventful dates the main page have been combined and put in the about me section. New custom animation of Leviathan has been added and a new animated sprite comic, "Reasons", has been added.

Not much, I added 1 sprite comic(Tuna Fish) and I took down some affiliates since they don't seem to be working anymore and the webmasters haven't contacted me. Oh, and I added a couple FAQ questions that I have been recently asked.

I added Reploids Among Us to the links page and updated my sprites inc link so it works now.

I renamed the Sprite Short section to just Comics, and I added the sprite comic Human 3 to it as well. Also, 2 new midis have been added, Highmax Battle and Metal Shark Player's stage.

Three new sprite shorts have been added.

New sprite short, Cookies 4, has been added.

For today 5 mids have been added, 2 of them being other versions of Gate's theme. I also finished my new version of my Iruparattso custom sprite, I like it much better then my old one.

Since I don't have a server to put the video files on, I decided to take down that section for now. I also put up an animated gif of Zero and a couple custom sprites. I also put up a Blog for when I feel like talking about my life or whatever, since it doesn't have any usefull content to any of the games I won't say when I update it.

Three sprite shorts added, Elevator parts 2 and 3, and Cookies part 3.

Added 4 animated gifs of Phantom, and a new sprite short has been added("Elevator")

I finished(until I add to it) a new section, the Name/Term List section which basically lists most of the names in the Megaman games telling you what they were in the Japanese and English versions. Also, I added a concept art of Axl to the images section. Last minor note is I rearranged the site links alittle to give them a more organized feel.

You miss me? Nothing major today, just a few character art images added to the images section(nothing to scream over) and added a mid to the mid section(Magma Dragoon Ver 2). Plus I added an important date notice on the main page. I altered the site so it now uses iframes which makes adding affiliates and pages much easier on me. On that note I have added the FAQs section.

I added 11 screen captures to the images section(1 of Zero, 1 of X and 9 of Axl). Also added one more midi(MMX6 stage select screen) and another Ciel animated gif. One custom sprite and cookies 2 has been put up, nothing big here.

I made a new section! The animated gifs section is finally up with 51 animations for you to look through.

I added a new affiliate, Gospel Index, and added the first Megaman X7 midi I ever found. I also added 9 character art images to the images section.

I added 2 sprite shorts, 2 new midis and updated the URL to Megaman Inc.

I added 8 anime images to the images section and I fixed an error I made because I am dumb x_x

I put up 16 more midis for the following games: Megaman X5, Megaman X6 and Megaman Zero. Also, I put 14 shorts that I had on my Forum and added them to the sprites shorts page. All 8 Maverick names in Megaman X7 have been added to Megaman X7 section. Two new affiliates, Zero Network and Megaman Inc, have also been added. I also added my personal Megaman Zero 2 mini sprite sheet I made to the sprites section. I also reorganized the images section and added several images(I lost count of how many, about 60 or more). Oh, and I also altered the visited link color so it's more noticable.

Two large additions: Megaman Zero section has finally been created, and I dropped the submitions page replacing it with a forum. Go forum!

I'm the master of small updates mwahahaha! I put up part 2 of the sprite short Ciel at Work

Update for today: two new sprite shorts and in the sprite sheets section I put in the Base from Megaman Zero 2 which took about 4 hours to put together. Enjoy

Two new sprite shorts have been added. I'd put up more stuff but I don't have anything to put up ^^;

Nothing much today, just added a screen short that I made when I got bored.

Since I've made a few custom sprites lately I decided to make a link to the custom sprite page on the navigation bar instead of hiding it. Put up 5 images in the images section. Other then changing and adding a few words to the submitting page or fixing little errors I find, not really anything else for today.

The Submitting page has been created to explain about submitting fan art, comics, etc.

New layout is done! Special thanks to Nakoruru Zero for making it for me, as well as the new splash ^_^

Nothing much yet, just added 2 sprite shorts. One of them I dont except many to get, but anyway...enjoy!

I found the Signas sprite that I knew was floating around the net and was looking for. I got a nice clean version of it for you if you want it. Click here for the Signas sprite. Last update of the day, I added a Megaman X7 section, not much in it since the game isn't released yet(you can bet I already pre-ordered mine mwahahahaha)

Fixed up the Megaman Xtreme 2 page and fixed up my links alittle bit. I've decided to put my affiliates where the short url button used to be, as of now I only got 1 official affilate lol. I chopped up the Main page cause I felt like it. Also updates made into a seperate page(obvious since you're in it now huh?).

Been waiting for an update haven't you? Well today I added several shorts to the Sprite Shorts Section, enjoy

Megaman X7 trailer has been added in high and low qualities

Added a new button to the links section, updated a link, and changed the splash image ^_^

Video clips section has been readded thanks to the new server!

Replaced the frames with tables, reorganized my CSS, changed the splash, edited the contact me a bit, created 2 buttons for linking to this site(in Links section) and added 7 midi to the midi section

Not much today, I added a link to a friend's site and added 1 sprite short.

I know some of you might not like this but I had to get rid of the Video Clips section, the bandwidth it took up was so high that the site went over the limit over 500 times in less then a month.

New Sprite Shorts section has been added, hopefully I'm not out of ideas or I wont be able to add to it

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