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Welcome to the updates page, please don't brick me for stating the obvious(I'm allergic to pain). Hopefully there's something new on here that you didn't see last time that you can check out ^.^;

Added a new affiliate(Vay Works). Yeah, it's been like 7 months since I've done ANYTHING. Call me lazy or whatever you want, yelling doesn't get you what you want. If I had more insulting emails I could make a section for them ^_^

Megaman X Midi Files has been added to the affiliates list and I added a couple Megaman X Command Mission character images

Added a link to Fredrik Hthn's Megaman X Midi Files site in the Links page and Midi's page, and fixed a couple broken links

New affiliate BRID Megaman X has been added and one more link added to the links page

Almost 2 months? Wow, has it really been that long? ^_^; Anyways, new affliate Rockman Source Network has been added and some image additions have been made to the images sections. Also added a couple questions to the FAQ page

As you've probably noticed by now, there are no more iframes! *gasp!* Why would I do so evil? Because I'm sure some people can't view then and it gave me a chance to practice using Dreamweaver which seemed like a good idea seeing as how I have a class on it. *cough* Anyways, besides fixing up the site after letting Dreamweaver get its hands on it, I have added a new affiliate, Bujitsukan, and I've put up a new midi(Megaman X7 boss theme)

I added a new scene joke("Not Repsonding" parts 1, 2 and 3)! Been a while since I made one of those huh?

Another new affiliate today(Megaman Legends Station)! This site is based on the Megaman Legends series, so give the Legends series some love too! Zero appears in Megaman Legends 2 on a poster. Isn't it fun watching the affiliates list get longer? ^_^
Late addition: I got Yahoo! Messanger now so I added my ID for that on the main and about me pages so people can reach me on that if they need to

I redid some of the MMX7 screen captures from my images section, I replaced all but one of Axl's(adding a few, nothing great though), added 2 for Alia and 3 for Sigma(again, nothing great). I also decided to add a note on the comics page after someone decided to insult me because of my comics

First off, a new affiliate, The Dark Virus, has been added. Three Midis have been added(Ground Scaravich, Dr Light Capsule, and the Last Stage in MMX6) and finally I added one site to my links page. This site being which was down when I last tested it but has been up before. If you are interested in Professionally done Megaman fan art, the site I just mentioned is trying to get some people to help out. To find out more I have made a thread explaining about it HERE

Tiny update for today, I added 3 questions to the bottom of the FAQs page. I just wish I put them there before I got a chain of emails asking them over and over x_x

Just a quick affiliate addition for today(Saint Zero). I should have had it up earlier today but I had work and a brother that likes to diconnect my internet when it's slow for him >_>

Time to list off the updates: new affiliate added(Megaman X Page), 2 new midis have been added(MMZ2 Title theme and Phoenix Magnion's stage), new character design art has been added for Ciel, Leviathan, Fefnir, Harpuia, Phantom and Zero. Some of Zero's weapons and Pantheon concept art has been added too. And I hope you people appreciate all my hard work of staying up late on a work night to finish the Megaman Zero 2 page! Yes, if you haven't noticed it's on there already go take a look hehe

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