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--Sprite Sheets--

Ever want to play with sprites of characters from your video games? Try some sprite sheets. Sprites sheets are images containing numerous sprite frames from video games. If you never heard of these before just look at one of these sheets and you'll understand what I mean. If you want to use these sprite sheets to make animations and stuff feel free to use them. If someone doesn't want you to take them, which I've seen before, why would they bother putting them up in the first place for anyone to use, am I right? Well anyway, the sprite sheets are in gif image format and have transparent backgrounds for personal reasons that I'll spare you, although you might have run into it my reason if you tried using jpg format sprite sheets. Some of the sprite sheets are incomplete since it takes alot of time to make them and I don't have that kind of time. Click on the names to view.

Name clipDescription
Zero SpritesSprites of Zero from Megaman X2
Zero SpritesSprites of Zero from Megaman X3
Zero SpritesSprites of Zero from Megaman X4
Zero SpritesSprites of Zero from both Megaman X4 and X5
Zero SpritesSome sprites of Zero from Megaman X6
X SpritesSprites of X without armor
X SpritesSprites of X with armor from Megaman X
X SpritesSprites of X with armor from both Megaman X2
X SpritesSome sprites of X with armor from Megaman X3
Iris SpritesSome sprites of Iris from Megaman X4(some are custom sprites)
Alia SpritesSome sprites of Alia(all are custom sprites)
MM Zero 2 Special SheetMy special collection of sprites for Megaman Zero 2. These sprites were ripped or ripped and editted by me.
BackgroundsSome backgrounds from Megaman Zero
BaseThe base from Megaman Zero 2

If you to see some custom sprites that I made take a look at my custom sprites page.

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