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--Megaman Xtreme 2--

Game Info
Release Date(US): 7th November 2001
Areas: Japan(PAL), US(NTSC)
Systems: Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Capcom ©2001
Developer: Capcom ©2001
Genre: Action

Background Story
At the reploid research island, reploids have ceased functioning and their data is strangely erased. X and Zero to head to the island to find out what the cause of the "Erasures" is to find mavericks they once destroyed on the island. There they meet Gareth who calls himself a "Soul Eraser". Gareth tells them to kill the 8 maverick guardians of the island if they wish to challenge him. X and Zero must now collect the DNA Souls through-out the island to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands...

Neon Tigeryou get: (X)Ray Claw
Volt Catfishyou get: (X)Tri-Thunder
Launch Octopusyou get: (X)Marine Tornado
             (Zero)Fish Fang
Flame Mammothyou get: (X)Fire Wave
             (Zero)Fire Wave
Wire Spongeyou get: (X)Strike Chain
Overdrive Ostrichyou get: (X)Sonic Slicer
Blast Hornetyou get: (X)Bomb Bee
             (Zero)Earth Geyser
Tunnel Rhinoyou get: (X)Tornado Fang
             (Zero)Drill Crush

Boss Weaknesses
Skullhead- Saber or X Buster
*Neon Tiger- Tornado Fang/Drill Crush
*Volt Catfish- Ray Claw/Rising
*Launch Octopus- Tri-Thunder
*Flame Mammoth- Marine Tornado/Fish Fang
*Wire Sponge- Fire Wave/Fire Wave
*Overdrive Ostrich- Strike Chain/Lightning
*Blast Hornet- Sonic Slicer/Dash
*Tunnel Rhino- Bomb Bee/Earth Geyser
**Chill Penguin- Fire Wave/Fire Wave
**Storm Eagle- Sonic Slicer/Dash
**Armored Armadillo- Tri-Thunder
**Magna Centipede- Bomb Bee/Earth Geyser
**Wheel Gator- Tornado Fang/Drill Crush
**Morph Moth- Ray Claw/Rising/Fire Wave
**Spark Mandrill- Strike Chain/Lightning
**Flame Stag- Marine Tornado/Fish Fang
Velguader- Ray Claw/Rising
Tank- Tornado Fang/Fish Fang/Giga Crush/Fire Wave
Berkana- Sonic Slicer
Garteth- Fish Fang/Z Saber
Sigma- Marine Tornado/Sonic Slicer
Sigma 2- X Buster/Z Saber

Screen Shots
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  • Armor Enhancements
    Location: Neon Tiger stage
    Effect: you can headbutt some ceilings

    Location: Launch Octopus stage
    Effect: you take less damage and enables Giga Crush

    Location: Flame Mammoth stage
    Effect: can fire 2 charged shots and charge weapons

    Location: Volt Catfish stage
    Effect: allows you to air dash(up, left and right)

    Zero's Enhancements
    Helmet upgrade
    Location: Overdrive Ostrich stage.
    Effect: you can headbutt some ceilings

    Body upgrade
    Location: Blast Hornet stage.
    Effect: you take less damage

    Arm upgrade
    Location: Tunnel Rhino stage.
    Effect: you can use Zero Final

    Leg upgrade
    Location: Wire Sponge stage.
    Effect: you can break some bricks with kicks

    Location of Subtanks
    Sub Tank 1
    Location: Flame Mammoth

    Sub Tank 2
    Location: Wire Sponge

    Unlock Extreme Mode:
    Beat the game as both X and Zero using the save save file or buy it from Iris's shop when you have enough DNA souls(if you turn off the game after you buy it instead of saving it, you get to keep Extreme mode at no cost)

    Unlock Boss Attack Mode:
    Beat the game on Extreme Mode or buy it from Iris's shop when you have enough DNA souls(if you turn off the game after you buy it instead of saving it, you get to keep Extreme mode at no cost)

    Have X and Zero's Armor in Boss Attack Mode:
    Hold select as you enter Boss Attack Mode

    Hadouken and Shouryuken:
    You need to have collected all of the Armor Upgrades, Sub-Tanks,and Heart Tanks. In the third Sigma stage, after X and Zero split up, there will be a long vertical corridor with rocket platforms for climbing, and electric walls on both sides. At the top of the corridor, air dash through the discolored part of the electric wall to the right to find the capsule.

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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