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--Megaman X7--

Game Info
Japan release date: July 17 2003
US release date: October 14th 2003
Systems: Sony Playstation 2
Publisher: Capcom ©2003
Developer: Capcom ©2003
Genre: Action
New Features: Alternating 3D and 2D environments, Double Hero System, Auto Lock-on, New playable character named Axl

Background Story
Maverick crime is on the rise, and X becomes tired of all the fighting and retires. To fill the gap a bounty hunter force named Red Alert lead by Red begin to take matters into their own hands. After Red Alert begins to "change" Axl, a key member of Red Alert, leaves the group to join the Maverick Hunters. Red, however, will not give up Axl so easily because of his shape shifting ability, and thus begins the Red Alert vs Maverick Hunter war...

Wind Crowrang you get: (X/Axl)Wind Cutter
             (Zero)Souenbu & V-Hanger
Snipe Anteator you get: (X/Axl)Sniper Missile
Flame Hyenard you get: (X/Axl)Circle Blaze
             (Axl)Double Bullets
Splash Warfly you get: (X/Axl)Splash Laser
             (Zero)Suiretusen & D-Glaive
Soldier Stonekong you get: (X/Axl)Gaea Shield
Tornado Tonion you get: (X/Axl)Volt Tornado
             (Axl)Ray gun
Ride Boarski you get: (X/Axl)Moving Wheel
Vanishing Gungaroo you get: (X/Axl)Explosion

Boss Weaknesses
Note: Weaknesses are weapons that effect the boss in some way, some are a big help and others are no help

Giant Scorpion - Z-Saber to the torso
*Wind Crowrang- Sniper Missile/Hieijin
*Snipe Anteator - Moving Wheel?/Zankourin?
*Flame Hyenard - Splash Laser/Suiretusen
*Splash Warfly - Volt Tornado/Raijinshou
*Soldier Stonekong - Explosion/Hadangeki
*Tornado Tonion - Gaea Shield/Gokumonken
*Ride Boarski - Circle Blaze/ Bakuenjin
*Vanishing Gungaroo - Wind Cutter/Souenbu
Road Cleaner - Explosion
Red - Explosion/Hadangeki
DNA Data Sigma - Wind Cutter/Souenbu
Goliath Sigma - Gaea Shield/Gokumonken

Screen Shots
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  • X's Armor Enhancements
    Location: Snipe Anteator
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: increases the rate that enemies drop energy

    Location: Wind Crowrang Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: gives you the ability to use Giga Crash

    Location: Flame Hyenard Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: allows you to charge weapons and enhances your charged shot slightly

    Location: Soldier Stonekong Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: enables ability to glide

    Location of Subtanks
    Sub Tank 1
    Location: Vanishing Gungaroo Stage
    Needed to get: Nothing(just climb pillars in destroy all mechs area)

    Sub Tank 2
    Location: Splash Warfly Stage
    Needed to get: Nothing(at 2nd ship part behind crate)

    Weapon Tank
    Location: Ride Boarski Stage
    Needed to get: Nothing

    Get X:
    To get X you must rescue 65 or more reploids. After you leave a boss stage after meeting this requirement a scene will start where X decides to fight too.

    Start with X and Glide Armor X enabled(cleared game):
    This only works when starting a new game from a cleared game save. When you beat the game with X selectable and save the cleared game he will be playable after the intro stage with having to rescue any reploids. To have Glide Armor X playable too, you must beat the game with the Glide Armor completed. If you didn't complete the Glide Armor you must get all the pieces you did get all over again in the new game.

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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