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--Megaman X6--

Game Info
Japan release date: November 29th 2001
US release date: December 5th 2001
Systems: Sony Playstation
Publisher: Capcom ©2001
Developer: Capcom ©2001
Genre: Action

Background Story
Three weeks ago(Megaman X5) Sigma had the space colony Eurasia crash into the Earth, but thanks to Zero the planet wasn't destroyed. The Earth although saved from destruction was badly damaged. Zero did not survive the fight with Sigma leaving behind only his Z Saber which X now uses. Humans are now forced to live underground as only the Reploids can repair the Earth. Gate, a collegue of Alia's and genius in Reploid development, makes an interesting discovery and after a week he starts he puts his plan into action. X, dreaming of Zero, is awaken by Alia and goes off to battle a large maverick that appeared.

Commander Yammarkyou get: (X)Yammark Option
             (Zero)Yammark Option
Blizzard Wolfangyou get: (X)Ice Burst
Blaze Heatnixyou get: (X)Magma Blade
Metal Shark Playeryou get: (X)Metal Anchor
Rainy Turtloidyou get: (X)Meteor Rain
Ground Scaravichyou get: (X)Ground Dash
Shield Sheldonyou get: (X)Guard Shell
             (Zero)Guard Shell
Infinity Mijinionyou get: (X)Ray Arrow

Boss Weaknesses
Big robot- X Buster/Z Saber on probe controlling robot
*Commander Yammark- Ray Arrow/Rekkoha
*Rainy Turtloid- Ice Burst/Hyoroga(if you could use it)
*Shield Sheldon- Metal Anchor/Rakukojin
*Blizzard Wolfang- Magma Blade Shouenzan's flames
*Metal Shark Player- Meteor Rain/Ensuizan
*Infinity Mijinion- Guard Shell(energy reflection shot)
*Blaze Heatnix- Ground Dash/Sentsuizan
*Ground Scaravich- Yammark Option
Nightmare Zero- Z Saber
Dynamo- Meteor Rain/Ensuizan
Nightmare Mother- Metal Anchor/Rakukojin
High Max- (X) hit him with an energy shot and then a special weapon, (Zero) Ensuizan and Shouenzan are good
Gate- you MUST attack his energy spheres so it breaks into 6 which will hurt him on impact
Zombie Sigma- Metal Anchor/Rakukojin
Machine Sigma- Ground Dash/Sentsuizan both will shut his big mouth

Screen Shots
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  • Armor Enhancements
    Blade Legs
    Location: Commander Yammark Stage

    Blade Body
    Location: Shield Sheldon Stage

    Blade Arms
    Location: Infinity Mijinion Stage

    Blade Helmet
    Location: Ground Scaravich Stage

    Blade Armor Complete
    Effect: ability to stop in mid air and dash left, right, up or down, charged X Buster fires a medium shot or if holding up a charger Saber attack, damage is also reduced, weapon energy needed is reduced, and giga attack received.

    Shadow Body
    Location: Rainy Turtloid Stage

    Shadow Legs
    Location: Blizzard Wolfang Stage

    Shadow Arms
    Location: Blaze Heatnix Stage

    Shadow Helmet
    Location: Metal Shark Player Stage

    Shadow Armor Complete
    Effect: normal shots become shurikens that fire at random angles, can't charge or use weapons, charged attack is a saber slash, holding up and pressing "jump" makes X jump straight up and stick to the ceiling for a limited time, can dash while on the ceiling, damage is reduced, spikes can't hurt you, and don't slide down walls, and giga attack received.

    Falcon Armor
    Location: none
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: Take less damage, can charge weapons, hover, air dash, and charged X Buster fires a large shot that leaves behind energy balls for extra damage.

    Ultimate Armor
    Location: none
    Needed to get: code
    Effect: Ultimate Armor is the same as it was in X4 and X5 except it's color is slightly different.

    Location of Subtanks
    Subtank 1
    Location: Commander Yammark Stage

    Subtank 2
    Location: Blaze Heatnix Stage

    Location: Shield Sheldon Stage

    Ex Item
    Location: Blizzard Wolfang Stage

    Get Zero:
    Enter a portal in one of the 8 boss levels that leads to the "secret" area for the level and beat the Nightmare Zero and you will get Zero.

    Ultimate Armor X:
    Highlight "Gamestart" and press left, left, left, right. The chime will indicate the code worked. Only one code will work per game.

    Black Armor Zero:
    Highlight "Gamestart" and press L1, L1, L1, R2. The chime will indicate the code worked. Only one code will work per game. This is the equivilent of having Saber Plus, Shot Eraser, and Shock Absorber equipped. Also you use 1/3 less Weapon energy. You still have to get Zero though.

    600 Souls: When you fight Dynamo use the following on him: Meteor Rain if you're X, and Ensuizan if you're Zero. After hitting him with these weapons he will drop a Nightmare soul worth 200, he will only drop 3 per stage. After you exit the stage, return and do this again. Repeat this as much as you wish.

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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