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--Megaman X3--

Game Info
Released: 1995
Areas: Japan(PAL), US(NTSC), Europe(PAL)
Systems: Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, PC CD-ROM, Playstation(Japan/Europe)
Publisher: Capcom ©1995
Developer: Capcom ©1995
Genre: Action

Background Story
Thanks to Dr.Doppler all Maverick activity seems to have stopped with his Maverick anti-virus. In honor of Dr.Doppler a new town was created called Doppler Town. Dr.Doppler himself became Maverick and began a riot with the Mavericks he gathered proving his anti-virus is a placebo. X and Zero are dispatched to deal with the riot and then are called back as Maverick Hunters HQ is attacked.

Blast Hornetyou get: Parasitic Bomb
Gravity Beetleyou get: Gravity Well
Volt Catfishyou get: Triad Thunder
Tunnel Rhinoyou get: Tornado Fang
Blizzard Buffaloyou get: Frost Shield
Toxic Seahorseyou get: Acid Burst
Crush Crawfishyou get: Spinning Blade
Neon Tigeryou get: Ray Splasher

Boss Weaknesses
Gigantic Mechaniroid- X Buster
*Tunnel Rhino- Acid Burst
*Volt Catfish- Tornado Fang
*Crush Crawfish- Triad Thunder
*Neon Tiger- Spinning Blade
*Gravity Beetle- Ray Splasher
*Blast Hornet- Gravity Well
*Blizzard Buffalo- Parasitic Bomb
*Toxic Seahorse- Frost Shield
Bit- Triad Thunder or Frost Shield
Byte- Tornado Fang or Ray Splasher
Vile in "K" Armor- Ray Splasher and Spinning Blade
Vile- Ray Splasher and Spinning Blade
Godkarmachine O Inary- Ray Splasher or Parasitic Bomb
Press Disposer- Ray Splasher and Tornado Fang
Goliath Armor- Tornado Fang and Parasitic Bomb
Volt Kurageil- Triad Thunder and Frost Shield
Dr.Doppler- Acid Burst
Sigma- Frost Shield and Spinning Blade
Kaiser Sigma- charged X Buster
Note: Bit, Byte and Vile will die if the last thing to hit them is one of their weaknesses
Note: Zero's beam saber can kill anything in 1-2 hits

Screen Shots
  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4
  • Picture 5
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7

  • X's Armor Enhancements
    Location: Tunnel Rhino Stage
    Needed to get: Triad Thunder and Arms
    Effect: shows a map of the level and the location of special items, it also tells you what is in each level and if you got it

    Location: Volt Catfish Stage
    Needed to get: Gravity Well and Arms
    Effect: damage you take is reduced and produces a temporary shield when hit reducing damage

    Location: Neon Tiger Stage
    Needed to get: Tornado Fang and Boots
    Effect: allows you to charge weapons and fire two charged shots

    Location: Blizzard Buffalo Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: enables left, right, and up air dash ability

    Location of Subtanks
    Subtank 1
    Location: Neon Tiger Stage
    Needed to get: nothing

    Subtank 2
    Location: Tunnel Rhino Stage
    Needed to get: nothing

    Subtank 3
    Location: Blizzard Buffalo Stage
    Needed to get: Legs

    Subtank 4
    Location: Volt Catfish Stage
    Needed to get: Ride Armor

    Ride Armor
    Ride Armor "N"(needed to use any!)
    Location: Blast Hornet
    Needed to get: Tornado Fang

    Ride Armor "H"
    Location: Crush Crawfish Stage
    Needed to get: Triad Thunder and Arms

    Ride Armor "F"
    Location: Gravity Beetle Stage
    Needed to get: Legs

    Ride Armor "K"
    Location: Toxic Seahorse Stage
    Needed to get: Ride Armor "F"

    Golden Chip:
    To get this you must get all the expanders, armor, subtanks, and Maverick boss weapons. Go to the 1st Doppler stage. Hidden in a wall in this stage is the capsule which will give you the golden chip. You must have full life for it to appear. The golden chip will give you all the enhancments each upgrade chip would give you all at once!

    Z Saber:
    You must have killed Vile before reaching the Doppler stages and have Zero playable! In the 2nd Doppler stage switch to Zero and then enter the mini boss room with the mosquito. After taking enough damage it will kamikaze on Zero damaging him and X will appear. Zero will then give X his Z Saber which does extreme damage to anything it hits!

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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