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--Megaman X2--

Game Info
Released: 1994
Areas: Japan(PAL), US(NTSC), Europe(PAL)
Systems: Super Famicom, Super Nintendo
Publisher: Capcom ©1994
Developer: Capcom ©1994
Genre: Action

Background Story
Six months have passed since X has defeated Sigma and ended his revolt. However, not all of Sigma's followers have been defeated. X and the other Hunters follow the last of Mavericks to an abandoned Reploid factory in the hopes of putting an end to the Mavericks. X soon finds himself up against a group of Sigma's followers called the X Hunters.

Wire Spongeyou get: Strike Chain
Morph Mothyou get: Scrap Shot
Flame Stagyou get: Speed Burner
Magna Centipedeyou get: Magnet Mine
Bubble Crabyou get: Bubble Splash
Overdrive Ostrichyou get: Sonic Slicer
Wheel Gatoryou get: Spin Wheel
Crystal Snailyou get: Crystal Hunter

Boss Weaknesses
Big Robot- X Buster(what is there else to use?)
*Wheel Gator- Strike Chain
*Bubble Crab- Spin Wheel
*Flame Stag- Bubble Splash
*Morph Moth- Speed Burner
*Magna Centipede- Scrap Shot
*Crystal Snail- Magnet Mine
*Overdrive Ostrich- Crystal Hunter
*Wire Sponge- Sonic Slicer
Violen- Bubble Splash
Serges- Speed Burner and Sonic Slicer
Agile- Magnet Mine
Zero- Speed Burner
Sigma- Sonic Slicer
Sigma Virus- Strike Chain or charged X Buster

Screen Shots
  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4
  • Picture 5
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7

  • X's Armor Enhancements
    Location: Crystal Snail Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: points out an area with some type of secret

    Location: Morph Moth Stage
    Needed to get: Spin Wheel
    Effect: damage you take is reduced, attack "Gut Crush" enabled
    Note: Gut Crush's energy is refilled by damage you receive

    Location: Wheel Gator Stage
    Needed to get: Legs or Gut Crush
    Effect: allows you to charge weapons and fire two charged shots

    Location: Overdrive Ostrich Stage
    Needed to get: Spin Wheel
    Effect: enables air dash ability

    Location of Subtanks
    Subtank 1
    Location: Magna Centipede Stage
    Needed to get: Arms and Speed Burner

    Subtank 2
    Location: Wire Sponge Stage
    Needed to get: nothing

    Subtank 3
    Location: Flame Stag Stage
    Needed to get: nothing

    Subtank 4
    Location: Bubble Crab Stage
    Needed to get: Gut Crush + skill or Charged Bubble Splash for high water jump

    To get this you must get all the expanders, armor, subtanks, and Maverick boss weapons. Go to the 3rd X Hunters stage. Hidden in a wall in this stage is a capsule which will give you the shouryuuken. Make sure to have full life before going though the wall. To use it you must have full life and on you controller must motion forward, down, down to forward and press the fire button.

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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