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--Megaman X--

Game Info
Released: 1993
Areas: Japan(PAL), US(NTSC), Europe(PAL)
Systems: Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, PC CD-ROM
Publisher: Capcom ©1993
Developer: Capcom ©1993
Genre: Action

Background Story
In April 21XX an archaeologist called Dr.Cain was searching for fossils of Mesozoic plant life, and after picking up some odd readings he found the lab of Dr.Light. Looking through Dr.Light's notes, he found that they kept refering to a "capsule". Three days later he discovered the capsule under a collapsed ceiling. When he opened the capsule he met "X" who, although a robot, was able to think and make decisions for himself. Finding X very interesting, Dr.Cain attempted to make another robot with X's free will. Although not as complex as X, Dr.Cain succeded in creating such a robot called a "Reploid". Soon, Reploids are running off assembly lines and working side by side with humans. The humans soon become dependent on the Reploids, and incidents start occuring where Reploids become "Maverick". Because of these incidents the "Maverick Hunters" were created. The leader of the Hunters was "Sigma", who had Dr.Cain's newest circuit designs and hoped to be immune to becoming Maverick. Sigma successfully prevents all Mavericks from hurting any humans. Until June 4 where Sigma turned Maverick and took most of the Hunters with him. Sigma then decides that humans are a hinderance to Reploids and must therefore be destoryed. X, being the source of all Reploids, takes this personally and wants to join Zero, the new leader of the Hunters, in fighting Sigma.

Chill Penguinyou get: Shotgun Ice
Spark Mandrillyou get: Electric Spark
Launch Octopusyou get: Homing Torpedo
Sting Chameleonyou get: Chameleon Sting
Storm Eagleyou get: Storm Tornado
Armored Armadilloyou get: Rolling Shield
Flame Mammothyou get: Fire Wave
Boomer Kuwangeryou get: Boomerang Cutter

Boss Weaknesses
Vile Ride Armor- Zero, other then that you're screwed
*Chill Penguin- Fire Wave
*Spark Mandrill- Shotgun Ice
*Armored Armadillo- Electric Spark
*Launch Octopus- Rolling Shield
*Boomer Kuwanger- Homing Torpedo
*Sting Chameleon- Boomerang Cutter
*Storm Eagle- Chameleon Sting
*Flame Mammoth- Storm Tornado
Vile Ride Armor- Same as before, you're no match
Vile- Chameleon Sting
Bospider- Shotgun Ice
Rangda Bangda- Chameleon Sting
D Rex- Boomerang Cutter
Velguader- Shotgun Ice
Sigma- Electric Spark
Velguader Sigma- Rolling Shield(only weapon that works!)
Note: Hit either Flame Mammoth or Launch Octopus with 3 Boomerang Cutters for a special effect

Screen Shots
  • Picture 1
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  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4
  • Picture 5
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7

  • X's Armor Enhancements
    Location: Storm Eagle Stage
    Needed to get: Boots
    Effect: certain blocks can be destroyed with head during a jump

    Location: Sting Chameleon Stage
    Needed to get: Boots
    Effect: damage you take is reduced by half

    Location: Flame Mammoth/1st Sigma Stage
    Needed to get: Boots and Helmet/nothing
    Effect: allows you to charge weapons and charge your X Buster one level higher
    Note: If you don't get it in Flame Mammoth's stage you are forced to get it in the 1st Sigma Stage

    Location: Chill Penguin Stage
    Needed to get: nothing
    Effect: enables dash ability
    Note: You are forced to get it

    Location of Subtanks
    Subtank 1
    Location: Armored Armadillo Stage
    Needed to get: Nothing

    Subtank 2
    Location: Flame Mammoth Stage
    Needed to get: Legs

    Subtank 3
    Location: Spark Mandrill Stage
    Needed to get: Boomerang Cutter

    Subtank 4
    Location: Storm Eagle Stage
    Needed to get: Nothing

    To get this you must get all the expanders, armor, subtanks, and Maverick boss weapons. After you fill up your subtanks, go though Armored Armadillo's stage five times. At the end of the stage above the boss chamber door is a capsule that will allow you to use the hadouken. To use it you must have full life and on you controller must motion from down to forward and press the fire button.

    Credits & Copyrights
    Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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