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--Midi Files--

All of the below files are "mid" files. You shouldn't have a problem playing these provided you have a sound card. All files are set to open in a new window so you don't have to go back to continue browsing if it plays in your browser. If you use Winamp to listen to them you can check them for credit information by right-clicking them and selecting "view file info..".

Note: The Midi files below are NOT made by me and I got them mostly off of Many of them were made by Fredrik Hthn who has a new site called Mega Man X MIDI Files! Check it out for the lastest in his Megaman midi works!

Megaman X Description
zerox1.midZero's theme
selectx1.mid Stage select screen
stormeagle.mid Storm Eagle's stage
chameleon.mid Sting Chameleon's stage
mandrill.mid Spark Mandrill's stage
kuwanger.mid Boomer Kuwanger's stage
weaponx1.mid weapon acquired screen
Megaman X2 Description
zerox2.mid Zero's theme
selectx2.mid Stage select screen
wheelgator.mid Wheel Gator's stage
flamestag.mid Flame Stag's stage
crystalsnail.mid Crystal Snail's stage
magnacentipede.mid Magna Centipede's stage
weaponx2.mid weapon acquired screen
bossstagex2a.mid X Hunters headquarters(first stage)
creditsx2.mid Song that plays during the credits
Megaman X3 Description
zerox3.mid Zero's theme
selectx3.mid Stage select screen
neontiger.mid Neon Tiger's stage
vilex3.mid Vile's hidden factory stage
doppler.mid Fight against Dr. Doppler
endingx3.mid Ending song
creditsx3.mid Song that plays during the credits
Megaman X4 Description
introx4.mid US Opening Song
x4opening.mid US Opening Song Ver 2
japintrox4.mid Japanese Opening Song(part of it)
x4introx.mid Intro Stage as X
zerox4.mid Intro Stage as Zero
selectx4.mid Stage select screen
jetstingray.mid Jet Stingray's stage
cyberpeacock.mid Cyber Peacock's stage
stormowl.mid Storm Owl's stage
slashbeast.mid Slash Beast's stage
splitmushroom.mid Split Mushroom's stage
magmadragoon.mid Magma Dragoon's stage
magma2.mid Magma Dragoon's stage Ver 2
webspider.mid Web Spider's stage
frostwalrus.mid Frost Walrus's stage(first area)
bossx4.mid Maverick battle
colonel.mid Battle with Colonel
iris.mid the battle with Iris
Megaman X5 Description
introx5.mid Opening song
x5in.mid Opening song Ver 2
xstagex5.mid First Stage (X)
x5x.mid First Stage (X) Ver 2
x5zero.mid First Stage (Zero)
x5zero2.mid First Stage (Zero) Ver 2
selectx5.mid Stage select(Final stages open)
x5bintro.mid Maverick Intro Theme
voltkraken.mid Volt Kraken's stage
spiral.mid Spiral Pegacion's stage
firefly.mid Shining Hotarunicus' stage
grissly.mid Crescent Grizzly's stage
grissly2.mid Crescent Grizzly's stage Ver 2
whale.mid Tidal Makkoeen's stage
dinorex.mid Burn Dinorex's stage
bossx5.mid Maverick Boss fight
devil.mid Fight against Black Devil
blackdevil.mid Fight against Black Devil Ver 2
maverick.mid Fight against Rangda Bangda
xandzero.mid Fight between X and Zero
x5finalstage.mid Final Stage
sigmax5.mid Final battle with Sigma
x5sigma.mid Final battle with Sigma Ver 2
x5zend.mid Zero's Ending
x5credits.mid The Credits Song
Megaman X6 Description
x6intro.mid Opening stage
selectx6.mid Stage select
capsule.mid Dr. Light Capsule theme
yammark.mid Commender Yammark's stage
shieldsheldon.mid Shield Sheldon's stage
turtloid.mid Rainy Turtloid's stage
mijinion.mid Infinity Mijinion's stage
heatnix.mid Blaze Heatnix's stage
wolfang.mid Blizzard Wolfang's stage
shark.mid Metal Shark Player's stage
ground.mid Ground Scaravich's stage
x6boss.mid Investigator Battle
nightmare.mid Fight with Zero Nightmare
nightmare2.mid Fight with Zero Nightmare Ver 2
gatelab.mid Gate Lab Stage
gatelab2.mid Gate Lab Stage Version 2
highmax.mid The battle with High Max
gate.mid Gate's Theme
gate2.mid Gate's Theme Ver 2
gate3.mid Gate's Theme Ver 3
lastx6.mid The final stage
sigmax6.mid The final battle with Sigma
x6sigma.mid The final battle with Sigma Ver 2
Megaman X7 Description
vanishing.mid Vanishing Gungaroo's Stage
x7boss.mid Red Alert boss battle theme
redbattle.mid Battle with Red
Megaman Zero Description
mmzzero.mid Zero's theme
mmzlab.mid Underground Laboratory
mmzbase.mid Resistance Base
mmzboss.mid Boss fight
Megaman Zero 2 Description
mmz2title.mid Title Screen theme
rmz2intro.mid Intro stage
nuclear.mid Phoenix Magnion's stage
mmz2neo.mid Neo Arcadia Core stage

Credits & Copyrights
Mega Man, Zero and all related characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd. Pretty much everything else, except the midis which I didn't make, by me ©2002/2003/2004


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