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New Site URL
Hello everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I bought a domain name for the site so it'll be easier to remember(the old URL's will still work of course). The new URL for this site is now or and since I can make subdomains now the forum can be reached at Isn't it nice to have things be a bit simpler?

Site Intro
Ah, Zero. He is one of most significant characters in the Megaman X series, too the point where he even got his own series(which I might add later, dunno yet). Zero is my favorite character as you probably guessed(I know it's a bit obvious but even still I've been asked). Zero is forced to live a life where his existance has caused many to suffer including himself(ouch). You can't really blame him, but you can blame Dr. Wily cause it's all his fault. Now, if you can't tell, no, Zero's NOT a girl, he is a Bishounen. I wish people would stop calling him "girly", just cause Bass said it doesn't make it true! If you want to learn more about Zero's origins just go to the Zero Project and Zero Virus sections. As for the Megaman X series, feel free to read a little about each game, including in-game cheats, boss weaknesses, and etc. Check out the sprite shorts section if you got a good sense of humor ^_^

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