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--FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)--

Every site needs a FAQ section now don't they? Since I get asked the same questions over and over again, some of which I get in emails, private messages or instant messages. So I've decided to make a section for it! Yay!

Q: Will you be my affiliate?
A: If you wish to affiliate be sure that your site has no adult material and is actually a site. I do not wish to affiliate with forums and discussion boards, and please have Megaman related material on it as well.

Q: Can I add a link to your site on mine?
A: Sure, what you put on your site is none of my business(if my content is being used it becomes my business) unless you want me to link back to it

Q: Can you add my site?
A: Email the site's name and URL to me at I will look the site over and decide for myself if I will add it. If it's to affiliate I'll want to talk to you directly in MSN or AIM because I don't like using email to chat with someone back and forth

Q: Your custom sprites are great! Can you make me some of ->insert whatever here<- ?
A: I am not currently doing requests for everyone. Sorry

Q: Can I use your custom sprites for something?
A: If you do use them, tell me what ones(important) and what you will do with them. When you do the thing you planned to do let me see it, people ask me to use them and end up never showing me a thing afterwards.

Q: Can I use some of your images, comics, etc?
A: I'd prefer you didn't but if you do, give me a url so I can see what you do with them. Most importantly: GIVE CREDIT for anything you do use off my site.

Q: Your custom sprites/sprite shorts are so cool! What program do you use to make them?!
A: I use MS Paint to edit them and animagic to make them into gifs

Q: Where can I get MS Paint and Animagic?
A: MS Paint comes with Windows, and Animagic you'll just have to look for it

Q: Will they run on Windows?
A: Yes

Q: Can you tell me how to use a program?!
A: Nope

Q: Can you tell me where any tutorials or programs are?
A: Nope

Q: Can you teach me how to make custom sprites?!
A: Nope

Q: Do you have sprites of ->anything<-?
A: I might have them, I got quite a few

Q: Can you send them to me? (this applies to asking for anything like pictures, sprites, roms, etc)
A: I might if:
-1. I am in a good mood and not busy(never can tell)
-2. It is part of a friendly exchange
-3. I really like you

Q: How you doing?/How are you?
A: I get this question alot, especially on MSN and AIM. My answer? Typically just "So-so", but if I want to talk then I'll just start talking about what's on my mind.

Q: What does so-so mean?
A: It's my way of dodging the question without giving a definite answer.

Q: Is there a Megaman X or Megaman Zero cartoon?! I must know!
A: No

Q: But in your images section you have pictures of them! There has to be a cartoon right?!
A: No

Q: Ok, some of them I know are from the games, but others I never seen before! Where are they from?! There's a cartoon right!?
A: No. The only Megaman series that have animes/cartoons for them are the original series and Battle Network/EXE series, there are no X and Zero series. The screen captures that make it look like there is an anime for it are from commercials or versions of the game you haven't played. I know some people don't understand the concept of animation within a video game but CD/DVD games tend to have such things so don't get worked up hoping its a new series

Q: What did you use to make your layout?
A: I didn't make my current layout, it was given to me by a friend and I editted it alittle. So stop asking please

Q: Where did you get those anime pics in your images section?!
A: The games themselves and/or commercials for the game, please stop asking

Q: Who are you? O.o (on MSN and AIM usually)
A: If you don't know who I am, why did you add me to your buddy list?

Q: Can you make me some sprites? Please?
A: *as Solid Snake* Already said no

Contacting me
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