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These are only for fun so don't take them too seriously. Its hard thinking of this stuff so I hope you get a good laugh out of them. Please do not get offended by the content of these, because like I said before they aren't meant to be taken seriously. Please don't steal these, if you like them so much that you gotta have them contact me. Click on the names to view.
If you think you will be or are offended by the comics: don't read them! I say this because someone has already ignored what I said above and decided to start insulting me(I've decided to save such conversations from now on, if I get enough I might start a page dedicated to those mwahahaha!)

Sprite Comics   DateComment
Girly Bot? 2/25/03 Tenguman agrees with what Bass said about Zero
Katt's New Sword 2/26/03 Not really Megaman X related, except for the altered sword sprite
Iris and Zero 3/18/03 Being a tough-guy Bishounen can be hard
Fusion 3/18/03 The results of trying to combine Zero and Gate
Wiggy 3/20/03 I think this one explains itself
Zero Virus 3/20/03 I don't want to spoil this one hehe
Zero Virus 2 3/26/03 If you don't trust your doctor, try another one
Jaanken 3/20/03 Did you know that the Megaman game was based on Rock Paper Scissors?
Gatetime 5/23/03 Just a small thing I thought when I looked at this sprite
Calm Insults 5/23/03 Bass seems to be the only one really mad in this fight doesn't he?
Highmax 5/23/03 Thanks to Nako-chan for the passed-out Gate sprite ^_^
Maximum High 5/23/03 Know where he got his name yet?
Stoned 5/23/03 High Max and Stoned Man getting high
Drug Puns 5/23/03 They're getting alittle too high
Loaded 5/27/03 High Max and the evil Vile
Loaded 2 5/27/03 Comments just spoil the jokes don't they?
Bored 5/27/03 Yes, Vile is pure evil
Ad 5/28/03 Hire Vile if you want a powerful ad
Truth 5/28/03 Vile telling the truth? Is that possible?
Names 6/5/03 Special thanks to Nako-chan for the idea ^_^
Names 2 6/5/03 I just like to stretch these things out huh?
I rock! 6/4/03 Unless you watch Medabots you won't really get it
Dress 6/21/03 Aww, isn't he cute?
Triple Zero 6/17/03 Thanks to Ciel for the idea
Nani? 6/17/03 Megaman Zero joke you gotta have played far enough to understand
Ciel and Zero 6/18/03 A kawaii case of dejavu
Ciel at work 6/18/03 The name says it all. Its my first one with a background too ^_^
Ciel at work 2 6/18/03 Make sure to see the first part before this one, makes it all the better ^_^
Ciel at work 3 7/9/03 I think this one will speak for itself ^_~
Zero and Phantom 6/25/03 Typical boss experience for Zero
Zero and Phantom 2 7/2/03 They just never stop talking do they?
Jokes 7/11/03 When people start acting funny, you don't want to turn around
NO!! 7/7/03 Cute to some, a nightmare to others
Resting 7/18/03 A nice cute scene ^_^
Box Trap 7/1/03 How does Acme stay in business?
Caught 7/18/03 Ciel celebrating her latest catch
Grounded 7/2/03 Mommy knows best
Grounded 2 7/2/03 Maybe she's a bit insecure? ^_^;
Elpis's Feelings 6/29/03 Elpis finally learns to admit he's feelings
Elpis's Feelings 2 7/18/03 Zero is always the last one to catch on
Excuses 7/18/03 I think you get the idea ^_^
Didn't See it Coming 7/9/03 Sorry about the distorted sprites ^_^; resizing them will do that
Cliff 7/24/03 Elpis having a private moment moment at a cliff, so tempting isn't it?
Cookies 7/24/03 Mothers always know, you can't win
Cookies 2 7/28/03 This one is animated! Enjoy ^_^
Cookies 3 8/19/03 What happens when Ciel isn't home
Cookies 4 9/6/03 Hehe, I don't stop do I?
Shocking 8/1/03 Ciel doesn't take nothing from no one
Elevator 8/18/03 It's like it's been planned to ruin his day, hasn't it?
Elevator 2 8/19/03 I love stretching out the joke as long as it's still funny ^_^
Elevator 3 8/19/03 The moral of the story: take the stairs
Shut Up 9/9/03 Excel and Cieling at work
Humans 9/11/03 Neo Arcadia, the home of the humans
Humans 2 9/11/03 When you don't know, ask someone else
Humans 3 9/12/03 This one seemed best animated so....enjoy
Tuna Fish 9/27/03 That's right! It's Dolphin safe!
Reason 10/3/03 Omega's generals are a bit concerned so Harpuia goes to talk to Omega....
True Power 12/19/03 If you've seen the villians that take 17 minutes to power up, you'll understand this one quite well

Scene Jokes   DateComment
Ghetto 4/6/03 General trying to act cool
Fast 4/6/03 What Zero's thinking
The Ride Home 5/27/03 The ending from X4 that Capcom cut
Zero Sleep 5/23/03 How to have a good night's sleep
X and Colonel 4/3/03 Colonel's childish anger
Thought 5/23/03 What X was really thinking
Thoughts 5/27/03 One track minds
Mirrors 5/28/03 Why people scream at mirrors
Evil 6/15/03 Vile is evil with the "e" at the end
Alia 3/8/02 What Alia thinks while on her laptop.
Bar Smoke 7/18/03 All you need is a little rewriting and its a completely new scene ^_^;
Not Responding 1/22/04 Signas and Alia have a little moment hehe
Not Responding 2 1/22/04 It continues, mwahahaha
Not Responding 3: Payback 1/22/04 Never piss off someone with superior computer skills

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